Home Theater

What is Home Theater?

Generally speaking, home theater is a combination of electronic components, room treatments and lighting control used to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theater.

When a home theater system is designed and installed properly, watching a movie in your home will give you the same immersed experience as watching it in a theater.

What is the Difference?

One of the biggest differences is the sound experience. Theaters are designed with three speakers across the front, usually behind the screen, and several other speakers spread out in the rest of the theater. In this surround sound system, you will hear different parts of the sound track coming from different places. When a character says something on the left side of the screen, you hear it more from the left speaker. In a space movie like Star Wars, you hear a space ship go swoosh and a rumble travel from the front of the theater to the rear as it flies towards the camera and off the screen.You are more involved in the experience of watching a film because the world of the movie is all around you.

The second chief component is the large size of the screen. In a theater the screen takes up most of your field of view, which makes it easy to lose yourself in the movie. After all, you are sitting in the dark with only one thing to look at and everything seems bigger than life. You also enjoy going to the movies because you can see details on-screen so well. Details are much sharper than on a normal TV, and the movement is much more fluid. With more detail, the movies comes to life.

The third component is lighting. When was the last time you went to a theater and the lights were left on during a movie? The darkness of a theater helps to focus your attention to the screen, which again further engrosses you in the experience. Before the movie starts the lights slowly dim and you are on your way. Once the movie is over, the lights come back on and bring you back to reality.

Last but not least are the room treatments and sound proofing. When you go to the theater and sit in your seat, have you ever noticed that you can hear people whispering? And during the movie the sound and direction of sound is more pronounced? This is accomplished by treating the room with special fabrics and insulation materials used to "deaden" the theater. So that not only is your attention focused to the screen because of its size but your brain focuses your ears to the sound because no other sounds exist. The movie is never too loud or too quiet, it is always just right.

What we at Iconic Audio Visual do is take the room you have designated as your home theater and design an audio system, video system, lighting control and sound proofing to make your home theater room just that - a true Theater Experience. We design theater areas for any budget. From dedicated rooms with full projection systems to multi-purpose gaming and theater areas, all you have to do is pop the corn, choose the movie, sit in your theater seat and press "Watch Movie" on your remote. It’s that easy!