Lighting Control

What is lighting control?

Ever gotten in bed and forgot you left the light on in the living room? You get up, walk to the living room, turn the light off and break your toe when you stub it on something on your way back to the bed. Wouldn’t it be nice to press a button by your bed and turn off all the lights that you left on?

Whether you want to control the lights in one room, two rooms, or all the rooms in the house including the lamps, a lighting control system can accomplish this. A lighting control system can also save energy, which can save you money. Most whole-house lighting control systems are installed when the house is built. However, with today’s technologies such as Z wave and Zigbee, you can add a lighting control system to a pre-existing home and do it one or more rooms at a time. Not only could you control the lights from a single wall switch, but you could also control lights via a remote control.

For instance, you just added a home theater system to your house. You want to control the lights so when you press "watch a movie" on the remote it dims the lights as the movie begins to play. You have an existing wiring system in your house, so you only have to replace one or two switches that control the lights in the room with Zigbee based switches. After programming them to the remote, all the lights dim at the push of a button.

As previously noted lighting systems can also save energy by limiting the max turn on intensity. Instead of all the lights turning on at 100%, you can set each light or group of lights to turn on at the desired intensity level. The kitchen lights can be turned on at 80% and the living area can be turned on at 60%. This will save you money on energy costs.

You can set moods with a lighting control system. Say you want the living room lights low but the majority of the kitchen off except for one over the sink. With a lighting control system you can set up scenes and touch one button called "after dinner" or "relaxed" to turn on the appropriate lights at the appropriate intensity.

Let us design and install a lighting system for your home, whether it is one room or a whole house. We will design the system to fit your needs and budget.